Hangover Cure

Yesterday I awoke dry-mouthed, slightly nauseous, and famished. Perhaps it was exhaustion — I had cooked for a small holiday party the previous night and quite frankly, had gotten precious little sleep. More likely it was the seven glasses of champagne, wine, and vodka I drank.

Nothing cures a hangover like a steaming pile of pho! Rice noodles, sliced beef (in this case, brisket & eye of round) in hot broth with lots of onions and herbs and jalapenos. A hearty dose of Sriracha squeezed artfully over the surface. After bolting this bowl of wonder I felt rejuvenated! It restored me to a semblance of humanity, if not full vigor.

I had just enough strength to drive home, flop on the couch, and watch Thunderball until I dozed into a fitful nap.

PHO 36 on Western just north of Pico. Very good, delcious pho. Not the heartiest broth, but clear, clean, direct, and unfussy flavors. Clean dining room, pleasant staff.

1 thought on “Hangover Cure

  1. Spencer – stunning blog dude…really first class…you should do a cookbook man = your pics are really excellent…I love to cook and would love to go to school one day..your recipes are awesome..im making the pho soon…

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