Post-Game Wrap-up

I made a bunch of crazy food yesterday for the Super Bowl. Just a few pics from the highlight reel.

Cheese board with stilton, d’affinois, 
truffle honey, beemster, manchego, 
candied pistachios, grapes.

Burratta with vine-ripe tomatoes, exra virgin
olive oil & a drizzle of 100-yr balsamic.

Shrimp cocktail on crushed ice, with aioli
and cocktail sauce (not shown).
Old-school spinach dip
(in a freakin’ bread bowl!) with crudite
King crab summer rolls with avocado, mint &
cucumber. Apricot & coconut sauces
Crispy chicken wings tossed with soy, honey & ginger.

Pizza two ways: caviar creme fraiche
& classic margherita.

Cheese steak empanadas with
horseradish mayo.
Baked dynamite snow crab roll with soy paper a la katsuya.

Watermelon slush with dark chocolate seeds.

Tangerine creamsicle ice cream! 
Really great, refreshing.

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