Italian Invasion!

At my work for the next week we’re hosting several dinners cooked by a trio of chefs from Venice, Italy.

Ernesto owns a renowned restaurant called Arturo’s, where the food is surprisingly meat-based (considering it’s in Venice!) and very soulful. His food is very simple, not remotely fussy, but nuanced and flavorful. In the next week I’ll be posting quite a few pictures of their dishes, as well as a few recipes.

Ernesto and his two helpers, Alessio and Hani, are very pleasant to work with. Enjoyable company and talented cooks.

Insalata Brasilia is a mixture of zucchini, corn, 
hearts of palm, grapefruit, celery, and avocado. 
It’s dressed with just a sprinkle of white wine vinegar, 
a pinch of salt, and extra virgin olive oil. 

These are few highlights from last night’s fabulous feast!

Funghi alla Russ: yukon potatoes,
fresh mushrooms, dried porcinis,
slowly cooked for two hours!

Insalata Rucola e Espinaci con Parmagiana Reggiano
Spezzatino is a delicious stew of chunks of veal shoulder
cooked for several hours with celery, onion, carrot,
tomato, parsley, basil & paprika. A bit like goulash.
Deeply soul-satisfying. 
Spaghetti Gorgonzola! I’ll be posting the
recipe very soon. It’s simple and hearty.

The Veneziana is a breaded, pounded pork chop
simmered briefly in white wine vinegar.
Deceptively simple and delicious. 
This is one of my favorites: straccetti con rucola.
Little bits of beef filet, very lightly seasoned and
tossed with wild arugula. The contrast of the mild
meat with the slight bitterness of the greens is
emblematic of lots of Italian cooking —
balance, simplicity, flavor.

More posts will follow documenting these fun and interesting meals.

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