Italian Invasion Part 2

More pictorial highlights from the Italian Invasion: The Second Night
Melanzane Saore: eggplant marinated
with onions, raisins, and white vinegar,
topped with pine nuts.
Insalata Mitello: arugula, spinach, fennel & mushrooms:
This is my favorite!
Insalata della Nonna: endive, apples & walnuts.
Stirring the rice into cooked peas for the
risotto piselli!

Busy hands over the stove, finishing
the risotto.

risotto con piselli

Baked leeks a la Martin.
Spaghetti Carrettiera. I love this!
Crispy fried meatballs. Yummy.
Roasted jumbo asparagus.
Polpetina of veal, beef, and pork in tomato sauce.

More highlights to come tomorrow!

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