Baby Eels!


Yeah, that’s right. I said, baby eels. A moniker that is not entirely correct; the squiggly things you see are actually “unborn” eels, fetal, in a way, and yet fully formed. In parts of Spain, apparently in the Basque region, these angulas are traditionally a snack for freshwater fisherman, but scarcity and popularity have combined to make these lil’ suckers pricey.

You can order them frozen online, and if you can afford to, definitely try them out. Making this very homey, very simple, very authentic Spanish dish is tasty, interesting, a little weird, and certainly unique at your next dinner party.

I prepared them the ole fashioned way. I browned slices of garlic in Spanish olive oil in a small saute pan. I added the eels (well-washed) and then a tiny bit of wine, maybe two tablespoons. I added some hand-chopped dried chili de arbol and ate it, just like that. A squeeze of lemon doesn’t hurt.

If you can find a simple ceramic dish and some wooden forks, by all means.

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