Organic Popcorn is Pop-tastic!

Fresh Organic Popcorn with Pink Himalayan Salt & German Butter

At the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market last Saturday I spied this  beautiful organic popcorn, still on the cob. Since I’d never tried popcorn this (hopefully) fresh, and since I’m completely obsessed with the fluffy stuff, there was no question I’d buy some. 
Prying the kernels off of the cob was a little harder than I supposed at first, but I quickly found a decent method — a teaspoon crammed between the hardened kernels seemed to do the trick. Ten minutes of gentle grunt work over a large stainless steel bowl produced kernels ready-for-poppin’. 
Two ears of corn yielded 3/4 cup of popcorn kernels, with a few silk filaments mixed in for authenticity. I poured 2 tablespoons of corn oil into a large, heavy-bottomed pot. I added three kernels, put the lid on, and turned up the heat to high. When the kernels popped I added the remainder of the corn. 
I shook the pot occasionally (covered, with two hands in pot-holders), and every once in while I vented the steam by lifting the lid a half-inch to release some of the pressure. I waited until the popping noise got very extreme and then started to taper off. Once the popping started to subside, I turned the heat to low and cooked until the time in between pops is about a second. At this point I cut the heat and allowed the popcorn to rest, covered for a few minutes.
Meanwhile I melted two tablespoons of good butter and tossed it into the popcorn. I sprinkled about a half teaspoon of very good salt into as well. The popcorn was excellent. Fluffy and fresh. 
And then I started the movie. 

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