The Bobble Bottle

I’m not really one to recommend specific products; I’m not here to shill for anyone or anything except great food.

However, one thing I believe strongly about is that everyone needs to do their part to reduce plastic bottle waste and pollution. Although I slip up occasionally for the sake of convenience, I try hard not to use disposable plastic bottles. If I do, I try to get a couple of uses out of it before I chuck it in recycling.

Every time I raise to my lips a bottle of Dasani or some other over-priced bottled water I visualize that giant pile of discarded plastic refuse floating silently in the Pacific Ocean, rotating in an ever-widening gyre that threatens to consume the world. Melodramatic? Yes, and yet, disgusting and totally irresponsible behavior has resulted in this trash that threatens ecosystems and chokes life.

I doubt this is the silver bullet that will end all pollution, but today I bought three Bobbles, plastic bottles with built-in charcoal filters in the drinking spout. Made of recycled materials and 100% recyclable as well, this is a guilt-free bottle. Also BPA free, the filters will last two months (the equivalent of 40 gallons of use).

I’ll send them with Bennet’s school lunch, and Regina and I can carry one around with us. I like the idea of having cheap, safe portable water that has a low impact on our beautiful world.

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