First Impressions: Scoops Westside

Scoops at Scoops.

Recently my seven-year-old son Bennet and I tried out Scoops, a tiny ice cream shop tucked into a nondescript micro-mall on Overland just south of the I-10 onramp. I’d heard the name of the place in the Twitter chatter, but had never tried it before.

I think we were both skeptical when we entered. It was deserted, with only a small gelato display featuring seven, maybe eight flavors. All the flavors were proclaimed “weird” by Bennet, who nonetheless sampled them all with gusto. Wasabi cream, chocolate raspberry, roasted rice, and strawberry-balsamic? Offbeat flavors, definitely, but all we tried were stellar. According to the pleasant scooper, they rotate flavors pretty much every day, so there’s always something new and unique to try.

Bennet chose Brown Brown Bread (caramel ice cream with Grape Nuts) and Vanilla Marsala served in a cup. And I had Pistachio-Rosewater and Roasted Rice on a sugar cone. The ice cream is smooth, very creamy, and richly flavored but not as dense as gelato.

My only slight problem. I asked if they ever had any toppings, and the guy’s response was a slightly hapless and yet still friendly, “I think we’re out of sprinkles.” Okay, no problem. But sprinkles would have been a nice addition. I don’t need the whole gummi bears-mochi-carob chip-yogurt raisin-oreo crumbles kind of a topping bar, but I do like my sprinkles.

I gotta say I love their daring flavors and their small-batch approach to ice cream making. It reminds me of the Persian Ice Cream of Mashti Malone’s but with a slight Asian foodie twist; it’s a good reminder that ice cream is not bound by the vanilla-chocolate-strawberry trifecta. Ice cream is global, ice cream is creative, and for the folks at Scoops ice cream is obviously personal.

We will definitely be back.

Scoops Westside
3400 Overland Ave
Los Angeles 90034
Twitter @scoopswestside

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