It’s Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day!

Gooey goodness.

While to my mind it’s always a good day for a grilled cheese sandwich, apparently today is the official National Grilled Cheese Day, April 12. I couldn’t tell you who it was who deemed that this day, of all the days of the year, deserved most this fine designation, but frankly, who cares? Let’s eat a grilled cheese sando!

My favorite everyday bacon.

Today, in honor of this momentous date, I made a delightful sandwich of havarti, sharp cheddar, sliced Fuji apple, and bacon on sourdough bread. It was delicious!

For this sandwich I used Applegate Sunday bacon, which is my favorite all-around bacon. It’s not particularly meaty, not really all that unique, not really gourmet in any way, but it is delicious! The smoke is not over-powering, it cooks evenly and crisply, and it’s nitrate-free and 100% organic. Ain’t nuttin’ wrong with dat!

A good way to honor a good day.

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