Today’s Veggies: Stir-Fried Asian Greens

Regina’s Greens!

Last night Regina knocked out this excellent veggie dish: baby bok choy, komatsuna, pea tendrils, and shiitakes. It was great with the steamed white rice and the Stir-Fried Tri-Tip with Black Pepper Sauce.

First, Regina soaked about a cup of dried shiitakes in warm water to rehydrate (probably about an hour). Then she cleaned and dried all the greens, about four cups loosely packed. She minced garlic and ginger, about a tablespoon each. After the mushrooms were softened she cut them into bite-size pieces and dried them with a paper towel.

Into a very hot wok she swirled about a tablespoon of peanut oil and added the mushrooms and ginger. When the mushrooms were cooked and the ginger just barely browned she removed everything from the wok and placed it in a small bowl. With a paper towel she wiped the wok clean and then got it hot again over high heat. She added another tablespoon of peanut oil and then added the greens, the ginger, and some salt & white pepper. She stirred the greens and allowed the garlic to get a little brown and toasty.

She added at this point a quarter cup of xao xing (Chinese cooking wine) and a couple of tablespoons of the mushroom soaking liquid. When most of the liquid evaporated she put the mushrooms back in and threw in two tablespoons of oyster sauce. She stirred it well and then removed it to a serving platter.

It was damn good!

You can make this dish with pretty much any green veggie — spinach, broccoli, gailan, pea sprouts, fava bean leaves, tuscan kale, big bok choy, yu choy, swiss chard, whatever you got on hand really.

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