Fried Turkey

It doesn’t have to be Thanksgiving to enjoy a fried turkey! It just takes a lot of oil and a little daring. I got daring in spades, and the oil just costs a few bucks.

Who’s the bigger turkey?

I don’t really need to post a recipe for this. Much as been written already on the topic of fried turkey. Perfectly good fried turkey recipes are available from a host of food people, including Emeril and Alton Brown (in his typically overwrought, McGyver-ish fashion).

However, a few tips:

1) Definitely use the displacement method for figuring out your oil level. Don’t second guess this unless you’ve fried a bunch of turkeys and are very sure of yourself. Displacement method, you ask? Huh? Put the whole, washed turkey (no more than 18 pounds) into the pot and fill with cold water until the water level comes just over the top of the turkey. With a small knife scratch a mark to give you the oil fill-line (a Sharpie works fine too). Take out your turkey, drain the pot, dry the pot, and fill oil to that scratch.

2) Use a turkey fryer kit. It has the turkey support and the little coat-hanger thing to lift and move the turkey. It totally simplifies things.

3) Start the fryer at 350 degrees F, maybe just over. You should plan on frying the turkey about 3.5 minutes per pound. So for a 17-pounder plan on exactly one hour (well, 59.5 minutes)!

4) Lower the turkey into the hot oil very, very slowly. And use a heavy-duty oven mitt or glove when you do. 

5) Let your turkey rest for 20-30 minutes before slicing.

6) Don’t burn down your trailer. The other folks in the trailer park are gonna get pissed!

My buddy Jonathon rubbed this sixteen-pound bird with a mole butter.

Regina christens the turkey.
Into the hot oil. Jonathon looks on amazed.

That’s a shit-load of hot bubbling oil.

Not quite done. Looking for 175 degrees.

Carving the beast.

Perfect fried turkey. Moist on the inside, crispy as all hell on the outside.

I just love fried turkey!

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