Killer Impromptu Soup

turkey wontons – homemade chicken broth – baby bok choy – watercress – shiitakes – somen

Yummy, healthy turkey wonton soup.

I took the pork & shiitake potsticker recipe from the previous recipe and substituted ground turkey. Instead of potstickers I made a simple wonton (which has less filling and is easier to form than a potsticker), boiled them gently in some homemade chicken broth with a teaspoon of minced ginger and a bit of crushed garlic. When the wontons were cooked I added a few dried somen noodles, a pinch of white pepper, some chopped watercress, some baby bok choy, a few shiitakes, a little cilantro, a little green onion. A big dollop of sambal oelek and the day was won. It was excellent — savory, spicy, healing, restorative.

Hi, Trish. Does this towel look familiar?

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