The Best Ramen in (West) LA: Ramen-Ya!

Yahoo for Ramen-Ya!

I’ve been gorging on excellent ramen noodles at Ramen-Ya on Olympic for at least the past ten years. It’s certainly my favorite place for Chashu ramen, the famed ramen noodle soup with a rich pork broth and simmered pork meat. I’ve eaten ramen all over town it seems – Asahi Ramen, Kinchan, Daikoku-ya, Chin-Ma-Ya, Yokohama, that place in the Mitsuwa food court, etc. But I always come back to Ramen-Ya!

Their complimentary chilled barley tea is superb.

It’s clean, it’s casual, it’s reliable, the service is friendly, the free chilled barley tea is exceptional, the gyozu are better than average, the portions plentiful, and it’s very affordable. My favorite noodle soups are the Chashu Ramen (the aforementioned pig-flavored ramen), the Ajo-Ramen (slivers of pork with green onions and lots and lots of garlic), and the Sansai Ramen (with mountain veggies like fern stems and mushrooms). Regina digs the Ajo-Ramen too, but also craves the super-generous Yakisoba and the hyper-healthy Midori Ramen. I’m also a fan of their nappa cabbage kimchee, which is excellent swirled into your hot soup, where it picks up heat and flavor and imparts its own spicy piquancy to the broth.

The gyoza are plump, perfectly cooked, and the filling is good.

Midori Ramen: elegant dashi broth with a bounty of green veggies. It heals.

Simple Nappa kimchee. I like to nibble it as an appetizer and dredged into the soup.
Exceptional Chashu Ramen: flavorful, tender pork. Clean, rich broth. Noodles cooked perfectly.

It’s hard not to love Ramen-Ya!

Ramen-Ya seems to exist outside the hipster ramen circuit. No wacky fusion flavors. No rock music is played. Atmosphere is nil. The menu is almost too unwieldy. Some of those giant, gloopy, egg-droppy bowls are way too much.  But they’ve been doing the same thing for years and doing it damn well. And that’s good enough for me.

It’s located next to a frame store in a tiny three-store strip mall on a relatively nondescript section of Oympic, so don’t blink or you might miss it. So keep in mind that parking is a pain and be prepared for a short wait if you show up at peak hours.

11555 W. Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

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