Wild Turkey Soup

The secret is Wild Turkey!

Yesterday I conjured up a huge vat of this hearty, earthy soup. I can’t give an exact recipe since I was just groove-cooking, sipping wine and listening to the new Danger Mouse / Daniele Luppi album Rome, a love-letter to Italian soundtracks of the 60’s. When I’m just playing in the kitchen, cooking for myself, I improvise, extrapolate, explore without notes. So…no tested recipe, folks, just a couple of pics and a vibe.

Homemade turkey broth, wild rice, sushi rice. carrots, onions, celery, sage.

Basically I started with a turkey broth. I roasted two turkey wings and one leg at about 500 degrees until browned. I tossed the turkey into some chicken broth (just the swanson’s organic stuff) with celery, onion, carrots. Simmered that for two hours. Pulled the meat off the turkey pieces and reserved that. I also poached one white-meat turkey cutlet for a little extra soup protein and chopped that up.

I softened some diced carrots, onions, and celery in some hot olive oil. I waited until the veggies just started to caramelize and then I added about a 1/4 cup of Wild Turkey Bourbon to the pan. I cooked off the alcohol and added the fresh turkey stock. Threw in a thyme sprig, a couple of sage laves, a tiny branch of rosemary. Added some wild rice and some sushi rice I had on hand. I simmered that over low heat for another hour. Then I tossed in the turkey pieces.

And then I let it rest. For a day. I ate it today and it was awesome.

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