My Favorite Melon (this week at least)!

I’m currently obsessed with Hami melons, which I’ve been buying at Gelson’s in Century City from my favorite grocery manager John. I’m sure they’re available elsewhere. If you happen to run across them grab a couple; I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. I’m not sure how long they are available. I believe I remember that last year I could get them for only a couple of months.

Originally a native of China, the Hami has been commercially available for several years here in America, where they’ve found a dedicated cult following, at least, in me. Similar to a cantaloupe, Hami melons have a rough, netted outer skin with a yellowish hue, although the shape is ovoid instead of spherical. The flesh is a pale orange color as well, and the taste is quite similar to a cantaloupe’s except milder and more delicate, perhaps a touch floral. The texture is crisp and the juice refreshing. All in all, a wonderful melon!

My favorite melon, today.

One tip: with melons, especially cantaloupes, you should thoroughly rinse the outside rind prior to cutting. I’ve read that unwashed melons are likely to harbor bacteria that can cause stomach distress. Apparently melons are the Typhoid Mary of breakfast buffets around the country. Makes sense, since they grow on the ground!

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