Crispy Garlic & Lemongrass Home Fries

I’m not a huge freak about potatoes, like some people I know. When I crave carbs I generally hew to the noodle/pasta family of starches. However, occasionally I really need a dish like this. Crunchy, crispy, earthy, zesty, and addictive. It was the perfect foil for the roasted beer can chicken I cranked out on a whim tonight. Easy to make too. I promise you’re gonna love this!

Damn terrific taters!

It goes a little something like this. I took two russet potatoes, total weight about 1.75 pounds. I put them in a small pot with water filled to just cover them. I added about a tablespoon of kosher salt to the water and turned the heat up. When the water came to a rolling boil I turned the heat to medium-low and simmered the potatoes for about 20 – 30 minutes or until fork-tender.

I drained the potatoes and let them chill out for about five minutes. Carefully I slipped the skin from the taters while they were still hot. A small hand towel came in handy for this.

Slip skins from potatoes while still hot.

When they were still hot but easier to handle I trimmed the potatoes of any discolored areas and hacked them into a large, uneven dice. I heated up a heavy-bottomed skillet over high and added about 3 tablespoons of olive oil. When the oil was essentially smoking I carefully added the potatoes in a single layer. One top of the potatoes I sprinkled about a teaspoon of Old Bay seasoning, a quarter cup of chopped white onions, 2 garlic cloves that I minced, and about 2 tablespoons of minced lemongrass, cut from the tender inside part of the stalk. I cracked a bunch of black pepper all over it.

Is this picture dramatic enough for you?

I reduced the heat to medium-high and cooked the potatoes for about six minutes undisturbed or until crispy on the bottom side. Then I flipped the potatoes over with a rubber spatula and crisped the other sides, repeating this maneuver until the potatoes were crispy and brown all over and the garlic and lemongrass bits had charred nicely. This whole process was about ten minutes more. I tested for seasoning at this point and added a bit more salt. When I served it I garnished it with some minced fresh cilantro.

The end result was perfect. The potatoes were soft and yielding inside but the exterior was crisp. The flavors were incredible and the chewy bits of charred garlic, onion, and lemongrass were delightful.

This simple dish was cranked out spontaneously and it came out great. Gotta try this, people!

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