The Mighty Black Velvet Apricot!

No, it’s not the name of some blaxploitation flick of the early 70’s, it’s a (relatively) new stone fruit hybrid that I’m nuts about. I’ve been seeing these more and more in the last five years or so, these black apricots with a slightly fuzzy, profoundly purple skin, so purple they’re almost black. I bet Prince would love ’em!

Apparently it’s a hybrid of an apricot (not sure which variety) with a black plum; it’s got the light downy skin of an apricot but the bright orange, juicy flesh is reminiscent of the tender, almost translucent meat of a dark plum. They are quite sweet but the skin retains enough of a tart edge to balance the flavor. They are delicious!

Beautiful and Delicious. Just let your soul glow.

I’ve been finding them at Gelson’s, but if you can’t find them commercially where you live you can order them online from Melissa’s Produce. Link:

I’ve been eating them raw so far, but I’m thinking about cooking them. Haven’t decided how…

2 thoughts on “The Mighty Black Velvet Apricot!

  1. These are plums, plain and simple! Those looking for an apricot taste or texture will be disappointed. Other than the skin texture, there is little in these to remind of an apricot.

  2. Saying these are just plums is slightly ridiculous. I've encountered dozens of plum varieties and each is different in taste and texture. Is this hybrid more plum than apricot? Perhaps. I don't think anyone would be disappointed by a ripe Black Velvet Apricot or Plum or whatever the hell the want to call it. They are delicious, plain and simple. Don't be a hater.

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