Vincent’s Spicy Sauce (Outta New Yawk)

Vincent’s sauce is old-school, spicy, and very flavorful. Wonderful with fried shrimp and spaghetti. 

My friend Joel turned me on to Vincent’s in New York City and it was his idea to see if the restaurant would ship their sauce west. I hadn’t been there in years, and I must say it barely made an impression when I did go, way back in the day. Perhaps I didn’t order well, or maybe the style of the restaurant (very much New Yawk style Eye-talian) didn’t mesh with my expectations of what Italian food should be. And it is almost classically old-school Italian-American, with linguine & clams, chicken parm, spaghetti & meatballs, scungilli, spumoni, fried calamari, garlic bread, and the whole obvious line-up of goombatta specialties. The place has been in operation since 1904 at the same location in Little Italy (Chinatown-adjacent) and has hardly changed in all those years.

Since I hardly make it to NYC these days it’s nice to replicate their dishes at home, but adding perhaps a bit of my own finesse. Once in a while I’ll order their sauce, which they ship (somewhat haphazardly I must admit) out to the West Coast. Their sauces are dense, slow-cooked, sweet, intensely tomato-ey, and very good, although they are a far cry from the simple pomodoro sauces you commonly see dressing more authentic Italian (from Italy) pasta. It comes in sweet, medium, and spicy. The spicy is truly fiery, although it has an addictive quality.

The sauce is great with plain spaghetti, with steamed clams over linguine, and over chicken parmesan; but I feel the best application is with fried seafood and spaghetti. I like to dredge either calamari or shrimp in seasoned flour and deep fry. Toss that with the sauce (I love the spicy stuff!) and serve it over spaghetti that’s cooked al dente and also tossed with the sauce.

Try it if you get a chance. You can go online to the link below and figure out which sauce to order. It’s a little old-fashioned, a little unusual, but quite good in it’s own unique way.

119 Mott St.New YorkNY 10013

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