Scenes from a Wedding

Thanks to everyone who attended our very fun, successful, joyous wedding. Thanks as well to everyone who helped with the wedding. And a far-flung, big thank you to all our friends and well-wishers who could not or did not attend. We feel the love.

Here are a few shots of food and details. Thanks for viewing and reading. Regina and I love you all!

The day is stunning, the site is beautiful. Let’s get hitched!
Great flowers courtesy of Tricia.
The pig box roaster arrived at the eleventh hour, but the stress of getting it was worth it!

Little keepsake jars of honey and honeycomb. 

Yes, I’m a happily (newly) married man. 
My beautiful bride and I stroll back up the aisle. 

Dubbed Mirabelle, this pig weighed in at 75 pounds and came out tender inside and crispy outside.
Courtesy of Minh, we flew our pig banner proudly.

I know some people don’t like their food staring at them, but I don’t mind.

3 sauces for swine: hoisin bbq, chimmichurri, Carolina mustard bbq.

Scott Cooley’s orzo salad with kale and roasted baby tomatoes was a huge hit!

Cupcake tower of monkeys!
The bride and groom monkeys as a cupcake topper! (a little blurry)
Bennet and Matthew Wibb: Cupcake Mafia
Everyone took home a little Bit-O-Honey. Cause life is sweet!

5 thoughts on “Scenes from a Wedding

  1. Congrats ~ and may i say….swine is fine!!! YUM!!! YUM!!!!The bridal party gathered around the Piggy w/me was definitely a highlight of Denise's wedding. Great choice 🙂

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