Get Your Hands on Some Haloumi!

Last night made this lovely salad of grilled haloumi, a firm, salty Greek cheese made from a combination of goat and sheep milk. It’s got a higher than normal melting point, so it can easily be fried or grilled. When grilled I love the charred exterior and the salty, almost spongy consistency of the interior. It’s good with bitter greens (like cress or arugula) and something sweet (watermelon in this instance).

Not my best picture, I know.

I first marinated the cheese with olive oil, lemon juice, fennel fronds, mint, basil, sliced garlic, and cracked pepper. After it marinated for an hour I patted it dry and re-oiled it so it wouldn’t stick to the grill grate. I also oiled the grill grate directly, and then I grilled it on high until it was nicely charred on both sides. I let it cool for a few minutes and then cut it up and added it to a salad of fresh watermelon, shaved fennel bulb, mint leaf, and Upland cress, which I dressed lightly with olive oil, lemon, sea salt, and cracked pepper.

I first marinated the cheese with garlic, herbs, lemon, and olive oil.

I hope you get your hands on some Haloumi and try this out. It’s very easy, a little different, and a delicious dish for summer!


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