Avocado With Ponzu

We get so spoiled in California; unlike most of the country we have great, creamy, luscious avocados pretty much all year round. I’m always finding new ways to eat them. I mean, of course, fresh is ideal. But occasionally I’ll dip them in tempura batter and fry them until they’re crisp on the outside but molten on the inside. I like to dice them and melt them in butter in a hot pan; I’ll add freshly cooked spaghetti and some grated pecorino for a great vegetarian pasta. I’ve quickly grilled slightly unripe avocados and eaten them on a tostada. And of course I love guacamole and avocado in salads.

I love the colors!

Last night to accompany a light meal of sashimi, inari, California rolls, and Japanese pickles I made this really simple avocado salad. I sliced some avocado and drizzled over it a little vegetable oil and some bottle ponzu. I sprinkled some furikake over it. Furikake is a Japanese seasoning shake that usually has dried flakes of nori (dried pressed seaweed) and sesame seeds and other seasonings. There are lots of kinds of furikake; this one had nori, sesame seeds, salt, bits of dried bonito flakes, tiny bits of dried onion, and some dried green herb, possibly mitsuba, which has a mild parsley-like flavor.

Ponzu, salad oil, furikake, avocado.

The resulting salad was delightful. And a perfect accompaniment for the tart pickles, the luscious fish, and salty soy.


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