Bennet Loves Rainbow Sherbert!

The Grand Central Market has been around 94 years and doesn’t feel like it’s changed much.

I’m not exactly a fan of rainbow sherbert’s decidedly artificial flavors, but to each his own, I suppose. Whenever I go to Ross Cutlery in downtown LA to get my knives sharpened, or buy a new knife, or just drool over all the knives I can’t afford, Bennet and I will cross the street to the 80-year-old Grand Central Market and buy this incredibly mediocre ice cream. But in summertime, a little ice cream for breakfast is okay once in a while.

I prefer to skip the ice cream and wander the stalls and old-school workingman’s lunch counters. Maybe see if they have whole pig heads.

That’s my boy!
Not really the finest produce, but certainly the cheapest.

Hey, I found a pig head!


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