Cracker-Crusted Fried Eggs

Recently I was in a situation where I had eggs but no salt and pepper. I was staying in a furnished house but the owner hadn’t left anything in the kitchen to cook even the most basic thing. I had the foresight to buy eggs, butter, fruit, ham, cheese, crackers, and wine. But it never occurred to me that S & P would be lacking!

A little improvisation resulted in these yummy eggs.

I also didn’t have a non-stick pan. Or bread. I had a very good saute pan at my disposal, but frying an egg without a non-stick pan (or very well seasoned skillet) can be a very dubious proposition. Sticking is virtually guaranteed.

So this is what I did. I had some rosemary crackers that were starting to go stale anyway. I put them in a ziploc bag and crushed them with the saute pan into coarse, irregular crumbs. I turned the oven broiler on. I minced up some ham and minced up some of this fantastic sheep’s milk cheese I had on hand. I melted (on high) about a tablespoon (maybe a little more) butter.

I added the cracker crumbs to the pan and sauteed them for about a minute. I spread out the crackers into a uniform layer and cracked two eggs carefully over the crumbs. I fried the eggs for about one minute and then slipped a spatula underneath to loosen them. I sprinkled the cheese and ham over the top and added a small pat of butter right on top. I put the whole pan under the broiler for another 45 seconds or so, or until the cheese melted and the whites of the eggs had set, but the yolks were still runny.

I ate the eggs with some sliced peaches and a cup of steaming coffee. Breakfast was delicious!!


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