Witch Finger Grapes are an Unusual Variety

Delicious and unusual grape variety. Witch fingers!

I found this very unusual variety of table grapes today at the Gelson’s Market in Century City. They aren’t round, but elongated and pointy, like…well, like fingers. I tasted a couple and they were very low in acidity, very sweet, not too tannic at all. They were delicious!

Never seen anything quite like them.

The grapes are about three quarters-of-an-inch to an inch-and-a-half in length and about a third-of-an-inch in diameter. They will probably only be around for a few days, so try to find them if you can. Good with mild cheese and nuts. Good for snacking.

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13 thoughts on “Witch Finger Grapes are an Unusual Variety

  1. Hi Spencer, I'm glad you found my grapes! Jack Pandol and I run Grapery together and we are very passionate about growing fruit that tastes great. We have some other very exciting things you will see in Gelson's in limited quantities throughout the summer and fall. Look for Cotton Candy grapes in about 2 weeks or so. The flavor will blow you away! Regards, Jim Beagle

    • I found these wonderful and delicious witch finger grapes at a Lowe’s Food Mkt
      in Hickory, NC. I had to ORDER champagne grapes and found these when I
      was looking. Much prefer the sweeter witch fingers. Hate they are seasonal though. Love to eat them and use for garnishments, also with cheeses.Hope
      I can find Cotton Candy grapes.

  2. We don't have any customers right now in the DC area, but thanks for checking. This is a very very experimental grape so there an extremely small amount available. We will have more in 2 years because I planted some this year and it takes 2 years to produce. Meanwhile, Spencer, check out Gelsons tomorrow or Friday and you'll see the Cotton Candy and a great seedless red muscat. Would love to hear your feedback on those. Thanks, Jim from Grapery

  3. OMG!!! I work @ Sprouts Farmers Market in the San Diego (California) area, I am a produce manager and I just got some Cotton Candy grapes, it is amazing how much they taste like actual cotton candy. They are sweet and juicy, I opened up a container for people (costumers) to try, and they loved them. I think this variety will do great commercially.

  4. I just bought 2 containers of the Cotton Candy grapes at Sprouts yesterday and they're already almost gone! They taste so absolutely delicious!! I am addicted. My kids love them too and the neighborhood kids are already begging their parents to go get some. Please keep making these. They're amazing! Cari, Costa Mesa, CA

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  6. ola a todos sou fascinado por uvas inclusive as variedades de gold finger e essa mais interessante estou desenvolvendo a variedade gold finger verde e outrasem minha chacara mas essa ainda nao tenho, sou do brasil e queria alguma muda ou estacas para enxertar sera que alguem consegue e tambem procuro a variedade de uva nehelescol se alguem souber me informar ou arrumar ficarei grato e podemos fazer trocas de variedades.
    abraços a todos

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