Late Night Guilty Pleasure Chicken Wings!

I admit it, I’ve been eating bad. I’ve been eating late and eating stuff that’s not necessarily good for me. Case in point, last night’s chicken wing debacle. An eleven o’clock guilty pleasure. Regina and I scarfed these homemade crispy Buffalo Wings with a little blue cheese dip that I whipped up. We had a fistful of celery sticks as a slight nod in the direction of health. Regina drank water, I drank Riesling. We both licked our fingers, lots. They were fiery and they were tasty!

Bad, and yet so goooooooood!

If you want to make these for yourself, go back to my recipe for Buffalo Wings by following this link.

4 thoughts on “Late Night Guilty Pleasure Chicken Wings!

  1. you've taught me well, sensei. after years of watching you make these for Jen every monday I now make them frequently and they are ALWAYS a hit.

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