Cotton Candy Grapes!

Cotton Candy grapes really taste like cotton candy. A little weird at first but delicious!

Jim Beagle from The Grapery, which produced the fabulous (and unusual) Witch Finger grapes that I got last month from Gelson’s Market, told me to be on the lookout for his next product, something they were calling Cotton Candy grapes.

I got a pound yesterday and we went through them in about 15 minutes. My friends and I were charmed and fascinated by them. Everyone’s initial response was on the order of “wow, what the hell is that?” because the upfront flavor is so remarkably like cotton candy. That cotton candy burst then recedes and is replaced by a mild, juicy sweetness. The grapes are low-acid and plump, sugary but not cloying. They really are a marvelous grape.

I should have gotten a few more pounds, since I believe this first crop has a small yield. I’m going back to Gelson’s this morning to grab some more. If you live near Gelson’s go and get some now!

Good work, Jim!

Check out my earlier post on Witch Finger grapes, also produced by The Grapery:

Nice packaging too.

Also, if you want more info, try:


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