A Boy’s Breakfast: Salmon & Eggs

I’m so proud of my boy Bennet. Even at age seven, he’s exhibiting a real interest in food. He helps me in the kitchen with simple tasks, he sets the table, and he’s almost fearless when it comes to eating. I say “almost” simply because he cannot be cajoled or bribed into eating tomatoes. I dearly hope he grows out of this phase and embraces tomatoes like I do. But I’m happy that he’ll try most things — any kind of salad, garlicky bok choy, spicy Japanese pickles, crab legs, lobster claws, shaved black truffles, fried abalone, grilled squid. He might not end up enjoying everything, but he tries it for sure.

A boy’s breakfast.

Bennet has pretty advanced tastes for a kid, which is apparent in his love for fish, especially salmon. I recall a moment two years ago, when I was planning dinner for just the two of us. “Would you like a grilled cheese sandwich, or maybe a couple of miniburgers for dinner?” was my question to him. His response, “I really liked the filet of sole you made last night, Dad.” And I remember another time at my pre-wedding rehearsal dinner. Regina and I looked over the kids menu at the Heathman in Portland; mostly the usual suspects — chicken fingers, buttered noodles. Bennet immediately asked for “salmon and broccoli, and maybe a little Caesar salad?”. I love that kid!

Yesterday morning I insisted we have a large breakfast, which is rare for me; I eat breakfast only two or three times a week, generally speaking. But Bennet and I like to bike to school once a week and yesterday was the first bike trip of the new school year. It’s only a couple of miles each way, but I wanted to make sure he had enough energy for the day. So Bennet and I made a breakfast of over-easy fried eggs, pan-roasted salmon (with skin), toasted bagel (from Western Bagel here in LA), and a few very good, very juicy, and virtually black cherries. Bennet helped by washing the cherries, cracking the eggs, and seasoning the fish.

I preheated the oven to 350 degrees and heated a non-stick saute pan. I add a tablespoon of veg oil to the pan and crisped the salmon, skin-side down for about five minutes. I flipped the fish and seared the other side for about five minutes. I popped the pan in the oven and finished the fish for another five minutes. In the meantime I toasted the bagel and fried the eggs. Regina set the table and squeezed some fresh grapefruit juice.

It was a lovely brekkie for all! It was substantial and delicious and Bennet enjoyed it immensely. And he had plenty of energy for biking and learning and playing.


3 thoughts on “A Boy’s Breakfast: Salmon & Eggs

  1. lawrence and i think its because most tomatoes are shit. if you come to london next summer we'll see if he eat some of our home grown.i just found your blog. its a great read. please mail us some food. xokg and lawrence

  2. Karen!Thanks for reading. I really appreciate it. No, Bennet's rejection of tomatoes certainly doesn't stem from a lack of quality. We get absolutely wonderful tomatoes here in dozens of varieties. No, it seems to be a textural thing with him. However, a trip to London to test that theory would be worth it!Hope you're well. How old is your girl now?

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