Grilled Trout Fillet

I made a pretty simple grilled trout today. From my fishmonger I got cleaned and filleted rainbow trout. First I cut four diagonal slashes in the skin to help prevent the fish from curling on the grill. Then I mixed up a combination of salt (fleur de sel in this instance), black pepper, a little finely minced garlic, a little lime zest, a little smoked paprika, and a little coriander seed that I toasted and then ground in a spice grinder. I sprinkled the spices all over the fish and rubbed the fillet liberally with olive oil.

Grilled trout filet with a little salad & roasted purple cauliflower. A perfect light lunch!

Over very hot coals I grilled the fish skin-side down for about…oh, probably five minutes. Then I flipped it with a very wide spatula and grilled it another three minutes or so. I pulled it off the grill and let it rest for two or three minutes. I then squeezed some Meyer lemon over the top and ate it with some roasted purple cauliflower and a little salad of butter lettuce, arugula, upland cress, red cabbage, pickled beets, celery, finely shredded fresh kale, and crushed marcona almonds.

This was a light, delicious, and super-healthy lunch!


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