Finger Limes

The individual juice vesicles pop like citrus caviar.

Yesterday I found finger limes at Nijiya, one of my favorite Japanese markets in West LA. Finger limes are indigenous to Australia and have only been commercially available in California for a couple of years now. I’ve only seen them being sold retail just this week and I snapped up a few. They are an intriguing fruit; unlike other citrus species, the vesicles (the fruit cells that contain the juice) are firm and do not burst when you open the fruit. You can cut the fruit and squeeze out these vesicles, which resemble a citrusy kind of caviar. When eaten they have a fantastic “pop” on the tongue and a tart flavor. I’m already mulling over a few ideas in my head for how to use them. An obvious usage is over sashimi.

Apparently the fruits can be green, reddish, brownish, and even a pinkish hue, but the only color I found was green. A couple of the limes in the package looked old and discolored, but the interior wasn’t noticeably different in flavor or texture.

While at Nijiya I picked up some fresh, sushi-grade yellowtail (hamachi) from Japan. I’m getting a hankering for a little afternoon sashimi snack!

Some more info on finger limes at Wikipedia:

A post about finger limes on Nijiya’s own page:

Nijiya Market
(310) 575-3300

2130 Sawtelle Blvd
Los Angeles,CA90025

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