Lara’s Fish Sando!

My good friend Lara is a food lover for sure and a damn fine cook in her own right. When we worked together she’d sample some of my daytime fare — salads, sandwiches, grilled things, fried things. And occasionally she’d share some specialty of her own (think pork loin, shrimp curry). She had a hankering for things like chicken wings, crisp salads, grilled rare skirt steak, crispy shrimp, and fish. And sandwiches. Because Lara believes it to be true, as I do, that almost nothing is so satisfying as a delicious, savory, soft, crispy, cool, hot, sharp, creamy, and toothsome sandwich.

That’s a fine-lookin’ fish sandwich!

And it looks like Lara has made one. She sent me this picture with the caption “inspired by your fried grouper recipe…photo does not do it justice“. And yet this picture looks damn appetizing, so the reality must have been dazzling. She used orange roughy instead of grouper and she added a bit of minced jalapeno to the tartar sauce, which sounds like a perfect addition.

Even though we don’t work together anymore, at least we have a solid “digital” friendship (gotta meet up for a glass of wine!). Which is pretty great, considering our busy work schedules. My only comment to Lara — next time bring me the sandwich! The photo is too much of a tease.

Pic is by Lara Ravdjee, who now works at The Other House, a production company. 

Here is my recipe for a fried grouper sandwich. Check it out.

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