Concorde Pear & Aged Beemster

A perfect pairing for a concorde pear.

My favorite fruit (for at least this week) is the concorde pear, grown in Oregon and Washington and available at the Gelson’s Market in Century City where I shop for work several times a week. It’s a perfect, balanced, flavorful, and delicious pear. It’s a hybrid of a comice pear and conference pear (a variety I’ve never heard of before) characterized by a pale, smooth, yellow-green skin and an elongated neck a bit like a bosc. 
The pear is best to eat when not overly-ripe. It’s deliciously fantastic when still crunchy, and the flavor is sweet, mild, with vanilla notes and just the barest hint of honey in the flesh. It’s a bit like a firm Bartlett without the propensity to get mushy. My friend Mischa and I made a snack of one of these pears with a wedge of aged (at least two years) Beemster cheese, that king of dry Dutch cheeses. Beemster is flavorful, salty, dry, creamy, nutty, and a bit piquant all at the same time — it’s got a wild array of flavors. It’s one of my favorite snacking cheeses, and it was absolutely the perfect foil for this gorgeous pear. 
If it wasn’t just after noon on a school day, I’d have quaffed a glass of semi-dry Riesling with this delightful snack. But I don’t like picking up my boy from school reeking of vino (whatever would the neighbors say?), so I eschewed the wine (until later). 

The flight of the concorde! It’s my favorite fruit (today)!

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