Roasted Pee-Wee Potatoes

Tender little earthy nuggets of potatoey goodness.

This is the fourteenth installment in my ongoing series of favorite potato recipes. This one (like most of them, honestly) is very easy. It’s so easy in fact that I won’t even trouble with an itemized recipe as I do with most of my posts on the OMNIVOROUS blog.

These cute little “pee wee” potatoes are just a variety of small yellow potato, like a tiny Yukon gold about a half-inch in diameter. I love gold taters; they’re nicely balanced with good starch content and yet they’re waxy enough to have a pleasant creaminess on the tongue when you eat them. These little guys have a thin skin that is just tensile enough to contain the wondrous potatoey goodness within. I love how that almost “pop” when you bite into them!

I cooked this batch in a fair amount of rendered bacon fat. I keep a little ramekin of bacon grease in the fridge, adding to it every time I cook a few strips. While still hot I strain the hot bacon fat of any solids and put it into a heat-proof dish, usually a large ceramic ramekin. It’ll keep for several weeks in the refrigerator. I really love the smokey, sweet, and well, porky flavor that bacon fat imparts to dishes and it’ll heat to a very high temperature, making it ideal for sauteeing or skillet-cooking.

I think it used to be quite common to save rendered bacon fat, back in the devil-may-care days before the common folk learned of dreaded cholesterol. Keeping in mind what we know now, I don’t often pull out leftover bacon fat, but on occasions like this I do. I find it perfect with these tasty, tiny potatoes.

Pee wees are basically small Yukon golds.

So, in cooking these potatoes I first pre-heated the oven to 400 degrees F. I heated a non-stick skillet over high heat and when it just started smoking I added three tablespoons of bacon fat. I added about a pound of pee wee potatoes and threw in a handful of chopped onion and about a quarter cup of minced cilantro & chives, mixed. I seasoned them with a generous amount of salt and pepper.

I brown them in the skillet for about ten minutes, until they started to brown in spots. I popped the whole pan in the oven and cooked them for about 25 minutes. When they were finished the pee wees were tender, the skins were a little wrinkly, and the onions charred and a little chewy. The end result — fantastic!!

The thin skin get wrinkly in some places and charred in others.
These pee wees were perfect!

I ate these potatoes with some aged NY strips, a killer salad, and some lovely broccoli.

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