Happy Turkey Day Dinner 2011

Basting the big beautiful bird.
I hope that everyone out there in the blog-o-sphere had a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful holiday week! I sure did.

Those of you who read this blog with any regularity will have noticed my absence for the past week or so. Several times a year I travel with my employers to their spectacular house in South Carolina, where my friend and co-chef Martin and I cook one fantastic meal after another for a week. Now, as I love and respect my employers and their privacy, I won’t (and can’t) go into much detail about my experiences there. As a private chef, I have to keep in mind that much of what I do is, well, private. But that’s not to suggest I can’t share with you some of the food I make there.

In the run-up to every holiday trip, I get a bunch of requests asking for advice, cooking tips, and menu inspiration. For those of you who had requests unfulfilled, sorry if I couldn’t respond. I was busy, busy, busy. So busy was I prior to the holiday and during the holiday that I had zero time to post and almost no time for pictures even. Even for our fabulous Thanksgiving meal I only managed a few shots with my iPhone, which remains my only piece of photographic equipment. I love the immediacy of the pics I get with just my iPhone and available light. And yet…I barely had a spare moment for shots.

So I offer you a very brief glimpse into my Thanksgiving. We cooked for just over twenty people and made the following menu. As you can see, we made changes and additions as we went along, adapting freely. Pretty much everything came out spectacularly well. The apple side cream pie was dull and tasteless. Everything else was just about flawless. Not shown on this menu is chestnut and chicken-liver stuffing or the mashed potatoes topped with shaved white truffles!

The Menu!
Two fried fowl with fuzzy focus.

In the next week or so, you may start noticing some minor changes to the blog. I’ll be switching blog-platforms and making some template alterations. I hope to offer a more streamlined look, with a good user-interface, and higher-resolution pics. Stick with me, peeps! Some good changes on the way.

Thanks to all my fine readers.

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