I love Pomelo!

The flesh of the pomelo is beautiful, jewel-like.

Pomelo is like the great grandaddy of grapefruit, big and beautiful and delicious. Native to Southeast Asia, pomelo (pummelo or pommelo or shaddock or a dozen other names) have been cultivated in California for years. They are in season right now and you should definitely pick up a couple if you see them. I got two at the Farmer’s Market in Santa Monica this week, but I know you can find them in most “ethnic” markets that have a South American or Asian bent.

Pomelo are sweeter and less acidic than grapefruit, and the individual fruit “vesicles” are firmer and less mushy, meaning you can pull chunks of the meat out with your hands. I prefer them plain, just as a snack, but it’s wonderful in salads or as a foil for sashimi. It’s pairs well with yellowtail sashimi in particular with a bit of grated ginger and a dash of ponzu.

This pomelo was nine inches in diameter!

The pith beneath the rind is very thick and slightly bitter and pretty much inedible. You’ll end up cutting off quite a bit to get to the sweet fruit flesh within. But it’s worth the effort!

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