Throwback Burger

Going for a 70's cookbook vibe.

I’ve been out of the country for a few days, eating glorious seafood in Central America. Upon my return I was craving two things: spicy pho with piles of bean sprouts and herbs and chilies, and a good ole fashioned cheeseburger.

We went to Pho36 direct from the airport on the night of our arrival and scratched that itch. The next day I addressed the second craving and made for dinner killer cheeseburgers from a combination of hand-ground chuck, sirloin, and skirt steak. Charred the burgers in a skillet and melted sharp cheddar over the patties. Served them with grilled onions, fresh onions, lettuce, tomato, Russian dressing, yellow mustard, and lots of pickles on a buttered, toasted onion roll. A small pile of Caesar salad on the side gave me license to believe I was eating a balanced meal.

It was a solid, slightly stodgy, not-particularly-innovative cheeseburger. It was a little plain, a little old-fashioned, not modern or flashy. No avocado or bacon or aioli or homemade tamarind ketchup or bulgogi marinade. Just a f#*king awesome burger. Incredibly satisfying. It made my soul glow.

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