Mandarin Orange, Costa Rican Variety

A delicious variety of citrus!

When we were in Costa Rica, Regina and I fell in love with the wide variety of sweet and delicious fresh fruit. Fruit is one of CR’s major exports, and the hot and humid climate is perfectly suited for a wide range of fruit, including pineapples, mangoes, passion fruit, papayas, guavas, and a whole array of citrus fruits. In particular we liked the ubiquitous limón — a green-skinned and orange-fleshed lime variety which you’ll find garnishing virtually every lunch plate. Also we loved what was described to us as a mandarin orange, pictured above. Drier than varieties you’ll find in North America, this was a mildly sweet, slightly tart, and easy-to-peel snacking tangerine. Very tasty. We ate a bunch of them!

You can tell how much my wifey loved these oranges!


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