Late-Night Lamb-Nacho Grub-Fest

Grilled lamb nachos loaded with toppings!

Yeah, I’m eating like a college student, much to my chagrin. Regina was out of town for a couple of nights and in my boredom (and without her gentle moderation) I drank too much cheap beer while watching hours of TV, something I never get a chance to do anymore. The resultant salt-craving munchie attack produced this pile of delicious nachos; it tasted fantastic, although the subsequent shame-wave forced me to hit the running trail hard the next morning.

I had some leftover grilled lamb shoulder, which I cut off the bone and hacked into little pieces. On an oven-proof plate I mounded some tortilla chips and covered them with the little lamb bits and an unhealthy amount of grated cheese (a blend of cheddar and mont-jack). I broiled the plate for a couple of minutes until the cheese melted and I got a little char on the chips. I topped it with some homemade chipotle salsa, some Mexican crema, some diced avocado, and a generous amount of Cholula hot sauce.

It was delish, and I drank two more Mexi-beers to celebrate!

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