Yesterday’s Brekkie: Manchego Fried Egg

Perfectly cooked fried egg with a sprinkle of aged manchego.

This is just a pic of yesterday’s breakfast.

I cracked a single egg into a very hot nonstick pan with a pat of melted butter in it. I fried the egg for about one minute until it got a little crispy on the edges. I seasoned the egg with some good salt and fresh ground pepper and then I sprinkled a teaspoon of finely grated aged manchego cheese (ya know that deliciously nutty sheep’s milk cheese from Spain?) over the uncooked top and then flipped the egg. I added another teaspoon of cheese over the top. I fried the egg another 45 seconds or so until the whites were fully cooked but the yolk was still quite runny, which is the way I like it!

The egg had a lovely delicate cheesiness to it, not overpowering or too salty. Just occasional hints of that touch of the creamy nuttiness that typifies great manchego cheese. Had it with a little buttered toast and a peeled sumo tangerine (not pictured). Drank a great cup of Yorkshire Gold tea. Ate breakfast with my wife.


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