Tangerine Sorbet

Great tangerines make for great tangerine sorbet!

I’ve been getting lots of fantastic tangerines lately — pixies, clementines, honey tangerines, satsumas, and sumos (although the sumo tangerines were larger and tastier last year). But the honey tangerines I picked up last week were exceptionally seedy, making them slightly troublesome to snack on. However the taste was spectacular! So using an old-fashioned press-juicer I squeezed a whole bunch of them until I had four cups of delicious, brilliantly orange-hued honey tangerine juice.

I poured the juice into a small saucepan and added 3/4 cup of white granulated sugar. I warmed the juice over medium heat, whisking occasionally, until all the sugar melted into the juice.

I poured the warm juice into a plastic container and placed that container into another, much larger container filled with ice water to try to cool the juice quickly. It took about 30 minutes to come down to room temperature. I covered the container with plastic wrap and popped it in the fridge to rest until it got very cold.

I froze it an ice cream maker until it was slushy and tangy and sweet and utterly refreshing.

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