Super-Delish Brekkie Sando


I suppose it's pretty obvious that I LOVE SANDWICHES!!

I heated a skillet and added a little butter. In the melted butter I browned two slices of country white bread. To one slice of bread I’d added a bit of whole grain Dijon and to the other a thin smear of mayonnaise. And then I added a thin slice of sharp cheddar cheese to each slice of bread.

In another pan I sautéed a little Black Forest ham in a some butter to warm it up. After it browned slightly I arranged it on one slice of the white bread, over a slice of cheese. In the same pan I fried an egg over-easy and put it over the ham. I closed the sandwich, cut it in half, and Regina and I split it for breakfast. We had a little fruit and yogurt as well, and washed it all down with some piping hot Pu-Er tea.

That’s what I call a Super-Delish Brekkie!

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