Steaming Chicken Soup

I love capturing the steam as it rises from a piping-hot bowl of soup!

I’ve been working out of town for two weeks, off in the low country of South Carolina toiling in beautiful weather with beautiful people. It was a lovely, fun, and tiring trip but I’m glad to be home in the real world, if indeed Los Angeles could ever be termed so.

I know I’ve got some blogging to catch up on. Thankfully I have the next four days off, and I hope to share a bit. I’ve got a slew of pics and recipes to show you. This pic is just a teaser, really, of a soup I made two weeks ago.

Homemade chicken broth, naturally, with your usual suspects: carrots, celery, onion, chicken meat, some slender egg noodles, a few sprigs of fresh dill. It was delicious, restorative, and freakin’ scalding hot! You can see the steam rising off the surface of the soup.

This is why I love shooting pics with my iPhone; I feel I can catch precious moments as they happen. Unlike so many overly-studied food pics I see, this photo represents the critical first moment of the life of a dish right before it’s devoured. This is chicken soup in its purest moment — piping hot, steaming, and alive with heat and flavor and texture and vapor. You can virtually smell the rich aroma of chickeny goodness coming off the top. I feel healed just looking at it.





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