Crispy Yukon Taters with Fresh Dill & Fleur de Sel

Golden, Crispity, Crunchity, Potatoey.

Last fall I did a whole series of posts devoted to potatoes. I’d backed off for awhile, but I’ve been cooking potatoes with a renewed vigor lately and I have more tantalizing taters to come in the near future. Today’s post is the 15th in the Potato Chronicles. Check out links below for previous entries.

To be totally fair, this post is strikingly similar to my Perfect Peruvian Purple Potatoes recipe. The technique is nearly the same, as is the potato starch dredge. In fact, reading both posts back-to-back you might find some direct plagiarism, which is a testament to my skills as a cut-n-paste artist.

I started with about a pound of Yukon gold potatoes, which in this case was two medium-ish potatoes. I put the potatoes into a pot with cold water to cover a couple of inches. I brought them to a boil over high, reduced the heat to medium-low, and then simmered them for about twenty minutes until they were tender enough to pierce all the way to the middle of a potato with a small paring knife.

While the spuds boiled, I made my starch coating. I used potato starch, which can be found in Asian markets or the kosher section of your supermarket. Potato starch creates an amazingly crisp exterior, although corn starch or all-purpose flour make decent substitutes. For this batch I used 1/3 cup of potato starch, which I seasoned with a 1/2 teaspoon of Old Bay Spice seasoning, some black pepper, and a healthy pinch of fleur de sel (ya know, those lovely salt blossoms from sea water-fed French salt flats). I whisked the spices into the starch.

When the spuds were tender to the core, I drained them and let them rest until I could handle them but they were still warm. Using a paring knife I peeled off the skin and diced the potatoes into nice chunks about 2/3 inch on a side. Using a small fine-meshed strainer, I sifted the seasoned starch over the potatoes to coat lightly. I then flipped the potatoes around to coat them all over evenly with the starch. I let them cool down and set up my fryer.

I fried the dusted potatoes in oil preheated to 365° F until golden brown and crisp, perhaps six minutes. I topped with a little fleur de sel and sparingly sprinkled a few sprigs of fresh dill over the top.

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