Dungeness Crab Benedict

Crab makes everything better!

I’m very passionate about feeding my children right and about exposing them to all the wonders of the food world. My little girl is less than a month old, but I feel it’s never too early to get her hooked on great seafood! Thank goodness my wife Regina is breastfeeding. Perhaps little Vivian will gain an early appreciation for Dungeness crab as its flavor courses through Regina’s milk into her tiny mouth.

With that in mind, and in an effort to please a wife exhausted by the rigors of parenting a newborn, I made this dynamite Dungeness Crab Benedict for a late breakfast this past Saturday. I served the poached eggs on toasted Bay’s English Muffins (my favorite) with fresh dungeness crab that I warmed slowly over low heat in a small amount of Irish butter. I dolloped the whole thing with hollandaise made with a bit of Meyer lemon juice and topped it with some green onions rounds and a pinch of paprika.

You can check out my recipes for hollandaise and poached eggs in an earlier post, entitled It’s Eggs Benedict Day!

Check it out! https://spencerhgray.wordpress.com/2011/04/16/its-eggs-benedict-day/

So beautiful I had to show you TWICE!

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