Burratta Caprese

Caprese salad, in any form, is just so photogenic!

Anyone who’s ever read this blog will know of my devotion to burratta, that Italian cheese sensation that’s been cresting for several years now. Once a little-known fringe cheese from Apulia (that’s in Italy, duh!), in America it hit the foodie scene with a splash due to the efforts of a couple of producers here in Southern California. Dozens of companies now make some version of the delightful pouch of fresh mozzarella filled with creamy stracciatelle. I particularly love the burratta from Gioia, which is large and just fantastically delicious. I also like the slightly milder and slightly sweeter burratta from Di Stephano, which is what you see here. Di Stephano might be slightly more elegant than the Gioia, but both are delicious. I’m not sure about Gioia, but Di Stephano claims to import fresh cream from Italy for the filling.

I whipped up this late snack for Regina the other day — very ripe roma tomatoes topped with burratta, fresh mint, baby wild arugula, balsamic syrup, and extra virgin olive oil. It was pretty damn delicious, if I may so. I think Regina liked it too, because she inhaled it in under 23 seconds.



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