My 400th blog post: Blackberries Are Beautiful!

I just love the gorgeous colors, inside and out, of these blackberries!

I’ve been finding some truly amazing blackberries lately — large, flavorful, sweet, and nearly bursting at the seams with luscious juice!

Okay, okay, this post has virtually no content. I’m not really giving you much here, except a mediocre pic, but four hundred posts is some kinda feat, and I’m just nosing over the finish line with this lightweight post. I promise much more in the days to come!

California rolls, Flying Saucer Sandwiches, and Kari-Age are all on my “soon-to-post” list. So stay tuned, and wish me well on this 400th post! Can’t believe I had so much to say!



6 thoughts on “My 400th blog post: Blackberries Are Beautiful!

  1. Buck and I happened upon a blackberry cove in SC when we were off-roading in his ’47 Jeep a couple of years ago….we must have picked nearly a gallon and enjoyed them over ice cream, in pancakes, by themselves, in a sauce….they were wonderful!

  2. A beautiful photo as always. Congratulations!!! And thank you.

    You should put up a post encouraging your readership to link to their favorite OMNIVOROUS recipes. Would be a good dive back into the archives for new readers.

    • That’s a great idea! Thanks for your input. I’ll definitely post that. BTW, stay tuned. I’ll be putting up links to new video content as well. And again, thanks so much for reading. I really appreciate it.

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