Today’s Salad: Butter Lettuce & Cara Cara Oranges

Man, I love salads! And now that the weather is getting warmer all I want to eat during the day is fresh, crisp, healthy salads with lots of ingredients, different flavors, and different textures. This simple salad is made of butter lettuce, watercress, shaved fennel (soaked for a few minutes in cool water to crisp it), supremes of Cara Cara oranges, and crumbled cotija cheese (dry Mexican farmer’s cheese). I love the Cara Cara oranges — sweet, mild, low-acidity, with a lovely, almost pink hue.

The dressing is olive oil, cider vinegar, orange juice, a little honey, a bit of garlic, a pinch of minced oregano, and a bit of dijon mustard to help emulsify it all. Salt and pepper too, of course. If you need guidance in making basic vinaigrettes like this, check out my short treatise on salad dressings, entitled Salad Dressing Simplified.

Link here!



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