Web Series Teaser

I’m a goofy fella, aren’t I?

A couple of weeks ago I shot footage for four short episodes of my new web cooking show, also called OMNIVOROUS, which will be a companion series to this blog. Some good friends own a production company called The Other House and they are producing and editing this web series for me. Hopefully in a couple of weeks I’ll be able to put the short shows up on YouTube as well as this blog.

Here are a few stills from the shoot, just to whet your appetite for more.

Yes, that’s shrimp cocktail in a bowl made out of Himalayan salt!

Like I said, I shot enough for four shorts — one solo, one with my son Bennet, and two with my good friend, food stylist Liesl Maggiore. When I finally post the series, I’ll post full recipes right here on this site. If the response is very good, I’ll try to do more. I’m very excited about this first series, so please keep a look out! I appreciate your support.

Mixed Mexican Ceviche!

I will tease you guys a bit more in the next few days!

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