Chilled Asparagus with Shaved Summer Truffles

Yummy tender asparagus gets fancied up.

This lovely dish is something I made yesterday as part of a late lunch.

I peeled the asparagus (about the lower two-thirds) and blanched the spears in salted boiling water until tender, probably three or four minutes. I then dropped them into an ice bath to shock them, stop the cooking process, and preserve that beautiful green color. I chilled them in the fridge for about 30 minutes and then drizzled a very simple vinaigrette over the top. The vinaigrette was your standard variety dressing with dijon mustard and and a little honey and white wine vinegar and olive oil, but this time I added just a teaspoon of white truffle oil to the mix. Truffle oil contains no actual truffle, but as a hint in the background it’s a lovely touch, used sparingly and infrequently.

Summer truffles are much milder than black Perigord truffles or the delectable white winter truffles that are so highly prized by European and American chefs. Still, they have a gentle flavor of mushroom and earth, with a little nuttiness and that ineffable “truffleness”. I love them like this or shaved over creamy pasta or made into tiny sandwiches. They are still a little pricey, but nowhere near the cost of winter truffles. I picked up these at the Beverly Hills Cheese Shoppe.

Give this dish a whirl some time. It’s easy and simple and it’s got a touch of wow factor!


For tips on vinaigrettes, check out:


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