Super-Simple Summer Salad

Simple, beautiful, organic salad.

This is the time of the year when the produce speaks for itself, and it speaks loudly. The sun-ripened flavors of melons, nectarines, white peaches, zucchini, cucumbers, citrus fruit, avocados, and corn are virtually bursting off the vine. The heirloom tomatoes especially are fantastic — juicy, sweet, tart, firm and yet yielding. Today I sliced up a bunch of multi-colored tomatoes and layered them with thinly-sliced Persian cukes and shaved red radishes (which I soaked in cold water for a few minutes). After I took this pic I drizzled the salad with extra virgin olive and a little sherry vinegar. I sprinkled over it a generous teaspoon of  fleur de sel and some cracked peppercorn. Finally I threw a little handful of torn fresh mint leaf over the whole thing.

That’s it, that’s all. I just let the produce sing.

(This was all 100% organic and local and purchased at the Culver City Farmers Market.)

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