The Classic Wedge

While lacking in any actual nutrients, a good wedge salad can be utterly delicious!

It seems amazing that I haven’t posted anything in six weeks! Up until this point I’ve been very attentive about giving my OMNIVOROUS public new posts to chew on, but to say I’ve been busy is an understatement of the first order. Not only do I have my job (the one that provides me with, ya know, money) but I have my son and my little baby girl (currently seven months old) occupying a tremendous amount of my time. Also, I have my dear wife Regina, who I neglect at my peril. She’s got a black belt, after all!

So the blog has been back-burnered for a spell, but I’m back. I really hope to get a few new posts up this week. They might be kinda shy in the content department, but I’ve got to reestablish a groove and even if it’s just a pic of a pretty rockin’ salad, I’ve gotta get started somewhere.

To whit: this mediocre picture of an extra-delicious Classic Wedge Salad, or as Bennet referred to it — a Wedgie Salad, which sounds, shall we say, less than appealing.

I made this crisp and refreshing salad a couple of weeks ago with a slice of crunchy, mild iceberg. When I prepare iceberg lettuce for wedges I trim out the core from a whole head and then I hold the lettuce globe upside-down under the faucet. I turn on the tap to a gentle stream and fill the hole in the lettuce with running cold water (filtered water is better if you’re dubious about your tap water). I’ll place the iceberg upside down like that in a bowl and let the water refresh the lettuce for about 15 minutes. I then invert the head and drain out the water over a colander. I like to place the the lettuce (in the colander) in the fridge until super-cold. When I’m ready to make the salad I cut the head into nice wedges.

This time I garnished the salad with boiled eggs, decent hothouse tomato slices, some old-school California-grown canned black olives, some hearts of palm, Pederson applewood-smoked bacon, and chives. The dressing is my homemade Easy Blue Cheesy dressing.

Of course you can make it however, but I also recommend as toppings sliced radishes, cornichons, pickled red onions, gribenes (crispy chicken cracklings), Persian cucumbers, blanched green beans, fried olives, crumbled egg, chickpeas, red bell pepper confetti, and crispy fried basil. Other great dressing choices are homemade buttermilk ranch, 1,000 Island, homemade catalina, green goddess, or a good balsamic.

You can eat this salad whenever you want, I’m not going to stop you. However, I think it’s perfect as a precursor to a steak dinner or a lobster boil. Something classically American.


The recipe for my Easy Blue Cheesy dressing can be found in this post:

The omnivore has returned!

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